Press Play: “Hosannah to the Son of David” by Thomas Weelkes

I love the way the voices overlap each other at various points in this piece. And with all due respect to Orlando Gibbons, I always felt like his version was a bit too timid. This one, with its powerful opening Hosannahs, grabs you by the shirt collar, sits you in a chair, and demands that you appreciate its beauty.

Key moment: The final chord. After a whole lot of overlapping, the voices all come together for a glorious ending, as if all the small ripples have coalesced to make a huge wave.

That makes me think of: This song’s long-lost modern brother is “Talk” by Coldplay. The way the guitar and voice echo each other in the chorus has always reminded me of Weelkes’ “Hosannah”, and I’d like to think that if he were still alive, he’d make the trip up to London from his native Sussex to see a Coldplay show.

Andrew Moore is our blogger-in-residence, and author of the music blog Beautiful Song of the Week.”